Our Story

Denise in lilacs

Introducing Lilac & Spruce!

We have blended our passions of woodworking with art & design. Recently we are inspired by our small family run apiary which has naturally led to us consuming honey everyday and using our wax and honey for apothecary goods too! 

Our country home is surrounded by stunning Lilac Bushes and our farm workshop is surrounded by majestic Norwegian Spruce Trees. Floral, fragrant, delicate lilacs and evergreen, good energy, rugged spruce trees. Always inspiring—Lilac & Spruce.

We are both Island lovers and are influenced by farmhouse charm, our honey bees and the forest at the family farm. We want to include nature inspired feminine & masculine elements to our brand—Lilac & Spruce.

We love creating with natural elements and we have strong intent to use organic and local elements, materials and ingredients when possible. We are Canadian made and test our products only on people and not on animals. Lilac & Spruce strives to make quality products you can feel good with and feel good about purchasing.

One of our goals is to be able to contribute to our community in meaningful ways. Stay in touch with us to see more about our story. Happy shopping!

Denise & Les

 Denise & Les