Solid Lotion Bar
Solid Lotion Bar
Solid Lotion Bar
Lilac & Spruce

Solid Lotion Bar

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Peace is an earthy and warm scent with lavender, ylang ylang and patchouli.

Sunshine is a bright and citrus scent with blood orange, frankincense, clary sage and lemongrass.

Moon Child is a sugar dreamy scent with vanilla and vanilla cream.

Perfect for on the go or travelling. Our solid lotion bars are made with natural and simple ingredients with beeswax, raw cocoa and shea butters. We hand make the bars in small batches and add essential oils to add fragrance. 

Solid lotion bars melt on contact with body heat. After showering, warm lotion bar in hands and apply to damp skin. Definitely reapply to dry skin though-out the day as needed. Excellent to use on hands, as the beeswax creates a barrier to protect hands.

Our solid lotion bars come in a tin for storage. Please remember that your hands will start to melt the bar, best to store in the tin preferably at room temperate or in cool location.

Our three scents available are Peace, Sunshine and Moon Child. The fragrance is activated when the lotion bar is warmed up. Once applied to your skin the fragrance from the raw cocoa butter (chocolate or nutty scent) and natural essential oils will be quite noticeable, these scents will naturally fade over time.


Please note: The natural ingredients of raw cocoa and beeswax in these bars may contain slight traces of impurities (which can be tiny bits of plant materials etc) due to the nature of the gentle hand crafted process. These impurities are not harmful.